Non-alcoholic Drinks

Thick green tea set (with main confectionery) 2,000 yen (minimum 2 people)
Light green tea set (with main confectionery) 1,500 yen
Thick green tea (single serve) 1,500 yen
Light green tea (single serve) 1,000 yen(lunch 800 yen)
Cha-ramisu (non-alcohol cocktail) 1,000 yen(cocktail served at the bar 1,200 yen)
Kuromoji cold tea 700 yen
Seasonal citrus juice 1,000 yen
Ginger ale (sweet and dry) 700 yen
Carbonated water (Perrier) 700 yen

Alcoholic Drinks


Shin jin haku sui 1,000 yen
Ichi nichi nasazareba, ichi nichi nomazu (Nigori) 1,200 yen


Esprit Nature from Henri Giraud 17,000 yen
AY Grand Cru MV12 70,000 yen

Red wine

Bourgogne Pinot Noir 9,500 yen
Alloxe Corton 20,000 yen

White wine

Bourgogne Chardonnay 7,000 yen


Heartland bottled beer 1,000 yen

Simple cocktails

Matcha Hai 1,200 yen
Kuromoji Hai 1,000 yen
Gin tonic 1,000 yen
Cassis soda 1,000 yen

Japanese Whiskey

Yamazaki 1,300 yen
Hibiki 1,500 yen
Yoichi 1,000 yen
Taketsuru 1,000 yen

Scotch whiskey

Old Par 900 yen
Glenlivet 12 years 900 yen
Macallan 12 years 2,000 yen
Laphroaig 10 years 1,000 yen

American whiskey

Jim Beam 800 yen
Basil Hayden/td> 900 yen
Knob Creek 900 yen


Hennessy VSOP 1,700 yen


Old monk 7 years 1,000 yen


Porfidio Anejo 2,000 yen


Kinobi 1,000 yen


Grey Goose 900 yen


Marienoff 2,000 yen

Plum wine

Hoshiko 800 yen

Original cocktail

Both tea ceremony and cocktail, we have created a unique culture of foreign cultures by the Japanese people.
Name the tea utensils and enjoy an original cocktail with a name associated with the tea ceremony and kodo, so that you can enjoy the arrangement.


Sake cocktails

Sake decanter cocktail "white chrysanthemum" 2,500 yen
Sake decanter cocktail "Firewood Boat" 2,500 yen

It is a Sake decanter style cocktail that combines Shinjinhakusui sake with Marienhof's chrysanthemum liqueur and chocolate liqueur. Sake cocktails that you can easily enjoy with bits and bites. Those are cocktails that can remember to be like Yuka's Dream of Baika cocktail from Sahan.

Matcha cocktail

Late cherry blossom 1,200 yen (cocktail served at the bar 1,500 yen)

It is a short cocktail that harmonize the refreshing taste of cassis and lemon with the roasting of light green tea, which is popular to enjoy from lunch till the evening. The Osozakura, the late cherry blossom was named from a japanese poem, a waka describing "Kinbashu" as being better than "Hatsuhana", one of Three Best Tea Caddy, which the Shogun Ashikaga Yoshimasa was famous for owning.

Natsu yama no, aoba majirino, osozakura, hatsuhana yorimo, medurashiki kana.

While the full spring cherry blossoms bloom is an wonderful sight, The late cherry blossoms blooming full of green leaves during the summer is also fresh and wonderful.

Only light tea is delicious, but when it is elevated and turn to be a refreshingly refreshing cocktail with acidity for summer from the cassis and lemon, you can enjoy its curious and unusual even further.

Infused incense Rikkoku cocktails

Kyara               2,500 yen
Rakoku             900 yen
Manaka             900 yen
manaban             900 yen
Sumondara             900 yen
Sumondara Ojukukou         900 yen
Sasora             900 yen
Sasora Byakudan           900 yen

Since the early ages, the scent of those wood has been prized and valued.
Their description aren’t easy by any means. Their origins seem to bring us to the 4 corners of Asia. Their characteristics represent different classes of the past society, such as some of the smells will be related to the Samurai Warriors, The Aristocracy, The Monks, etc...
At Sokkon, we tried to extract the scent by infusing the sandalwood provided by Yusuke Yamada (Azabu Kogado representative) in French imported Vodka. Please try a new way of enjoying Japanese Incences.

Alcohol based Rikkoku incense cocktails

Kyara               800 yen
Rakoku             800 yen
Manaka             800 yen
manaban             800 yen
Sumondara             800 yen
Sumondara Ojukukou         800 yen
Sasora             800 yen
Sasora Byakudan           800 yen

Those“Rikkoku Cocktails” are cocktails created to expresses the characteristics of 8 flavours of incense but made from other materials without using actual sandalwood. Those cocktails have been created under the supervision of Yusuke Yamada (Azabu Kogado representative). Please enjoy the characteristics of each scented wood with the upper foam part and the lower liquid part mixology processed.


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